Special Articles

Special Articles on Tax and Financial Matters

CARES Act Stimulus Payments (pdf)

2020 Consolidated Appropriation Act (pdf)

CARES Act Summary (pdf)

2019 Secure Act + Extender Bill Summary (pdf)

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (pdf)

Federal & State Tax Facts 2021 (pdf)

Divorce - General Tax Considerations (pdf)

Crowdfunding Tax Implications (pdf)

Commonly Missed Business Tax Deductions

Chart Comparison of Bussiness Entity's (pdf)

Deducting Business Travel Expenses

Business Travel Fact Sheet (pdf)

24 Ways to Increase Your Sales

Amended Returns: What Should You Know

The Audit Process

New Business Guide

New Corporation Letter

New LLC Guide

New Sole Proprietor Guide

Choice of Business Entity

Choosing a Tax Advisor

Cutting Costs in Business

Developing a Winning Business Plan

Foreign Income Exclusion Updated

The Home Office

Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics New

Independent Contractors vs. Employee

Medical Expense Deductions (checklist)

Payroll Tax Basics

Social Security 2021 Fact Sheet

Recordkeeping for Personal Taxes

Rental Income & Expenses Factsheet Updated

Retirement Plan Comparison 2021 (.PDF) Updated

Pension Limits 2021 (.PDF) Updated

Solo 401K (.PDF)

S corporation vs. C corporation

Section 1031 Exchange

Self-Employment Taxation - The Basics Updated

Single Member LLC

Another great resource for Retirement Plans from IRS

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