Tax Organizers

Client Tax Organizer
Please note - current clients please e-mail us to request your own personalized paper organizer, please do not use this generic form!

New! Excel Tax Organizer

Tax Deduction Finder 2017 (pdf)

Tax Apps (pdf)

Tax Organizer for Estates & Trusts (pdf)

Tax Organizer for Small Corporations (pdf)

Engagement Letter

Downloadable Riley & Associates Engagement Letter (.PDF Adobe Acrobat Format)

Profession Specific Deduction Checklist

(to be used only by experienced tax preparers)

Actors, Performers, Musicians, Visual Artisits, & Writers Please visit our NEW web site devoted to Artists

Attorney Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Attorney Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Attorney Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Computer Professional Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Computer Professional Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Computer Professional Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Day Care Provider Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Day Care Provider Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Day Care Provider Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Business and Executive Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Business and Executive Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Business and Executive Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Firefighters Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Firefighters Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Firefighters Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Law Enforcement Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Law Enforcement Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Law Enforcement Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Medical Professional Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Medical Professional Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Medical Professional Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Clergy Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Clergy Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Clergy Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Outside Sales Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Outside Sales Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Outside Sales Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Real Estate Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Real Estate Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Real Estate Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Teachers Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Teachers Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Teachers Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

Tradesmen Annual Expense Spreadsheet
Tradesmen Expense Worksheet (.pdf)
Tradesmen Expense Worksheet (.xlsx)

House Cleaning (.pdf)

Web Designer (.pdf)

Massage Therapist (.pdf)

Mechanic (.pdf)

Online Sales (.pdf)

Other Tax Checklists

Rental Real Estate Deductions (Word Document)

Annual Rental Property Worksheet

Non-Cash Contributions (.pdf)

Non-Cash Charity (.xlsx)

Tax Preparation Checklist for Individuals

Tax Preparation Checklist for Businesses


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